Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training

Posted 6 years ago

Course Content:
Understand what effective communication really means
Explore the barriers to effective communication
Identify how to use effective communication to build rapport
Learn the key elements that help us communicate more effectively
Explore body language and how we use tone and words to convey messages
Learn what active listening is and develop skills to help you become a good communicator
Develop interpersonal skills enabling us to build positive relationships with customers and colleagues
Understanding & responding to conflict
Techniques to help Deal with difficult or challenging people

Effective communication is simply the message being relayed and received in the way that it was intended. The reality is effective communication still remains one of the biggest challenges in business today.

In this workshop participants will learn why effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful teams in the workplace. Participants will discover the power of body language, gain highly effective listening skills, identify what communication styles are and how they are utilised best for successful communication. Communication enable us to convey ideas, thoughts and exchange successful conversations in a a confident manner without the need for conflict.

Participants will:
Learn to become a more effective communicator
Develop effective listening skills
Understand the power of body language and the art of building rapport
Identify different communication methods and their impact

Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training

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